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GRS Hunter LIGHT bjørkelaminat - Rifleskjefte



GRS Hunter Light - Letteste GRS laminatstokken på markedet

Bjørkelaminat, ca. 1040g, 71,5cm 


Over the years, we've had more and more clients come to us with the question: "Can I get the adjustability of a GRS stock on a lighter, smaller, version?"

Our new GRS Hunter Light is the answer to that request : 25% lighter than our Hunter model - sleeker, shorter, easier to carry in those outings in which every ounce - every gram - counts.

The GRS Hunter Light includes our signature canted grip - now made more comfortable for smaller hands - and the GRS Speedlock system to adjust your cheek-piece on the fly, with a simple push-button - a critical factor when you change shooting positions, or whenever you change clothing or carry a backpack. Push one button, adjust, shoot with confidence.

GRS Hunter Light : perfect for the hunter who wants a lighter, smaller, version of our GRS laminate stocks.

  • Slim barrel channel, for both standard or light barrels
  • Sleek new lines and reduced grip surfaces.
  • 28% lighter than the regular GRS Hunter (and 25% lighter than our previous lightest, GRS Sporter) - made for hunts were every single gram counts.
  • Adjustable composite cheek-piece with GRS Speedlock
  • Shortest stock of our current portfolio, compact Length Of Pull, shorter trigger reach (mounts quickly to shoulder)
  • GRS ergonomic canted grip, with 6 degree angle for a natural and steady grip
  • Adjustment system button finished in black, to avoid reflections during hunting 

Available in 6 birch laminate colors


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