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Heym SR30 Trykktest

Heym is tough

Using a .30-06 calculated according to Hartmut Brömels QuickLoadat 10,000 bar peak gas pressure the following experimental setup was used to fire a Heym SR30N straight-pull repeating rifle and the effects of this excess force photographed. Although the bolt did not withstand the force unharmed, even with this amount of force the bolt was not ejected to the back into the shooter’s face



The .30-06 Springfield cartridge was not originally a belted case; butafter being violated like this, it was.



Reloader heed: THAT cartridge is junk! So is the extractor and spring. The Heym SR 30 N merely resulting in blown through casing and deformity instead of opening and blowing the bolt into the shooter’s face at an attainable 10,700 bar of peak gas pressure is actually quite remarkable. Hats off to the designer, Peter Fortner!